Tarot Scoring


Tarot is a French trick-taking card game. There are variations for three, four, or five players. Play requires a special deck of cards with 21 trumps, four suits of 14 cards, and a fool. I'll leave the rest to the Wikipedia page.

It's a fun game, but, holy crap, the scoring is complicated! Given that we usually play after a couple of cocktails, often too complicated.

The answer, clearly, is a web app to do the scoring! Well, we all thought that was the clear answer, especially if I was tapped to write it. So here it is.

(Yeah it really is just that pretty. You're welcome to contribute your favorite Zen Garden stylesheets.)

I haven't written the apps for three or five players yet, sorry. I'm open to requests, however. I expect when we have a chance to play with five players, I'll write that one.

I also have plans to implement this as an “offline” app at some point. I'm open to requests for that too.

Share and enjoy!

P.S. This is my attempt to implement a particular set of rules. Suggestions for different rules are welcome as well.